Queen of the Castle

At my feet
white campion and grasses
purr at a stroking wind,
beneath a low belly of grey clouds.
Floating, weightless,
I am queen of the castle.

Once we were all kings and queens.
With torn sheet cloaks,
And make-shift thrones.
Castles rimmed with salty moats.

Caught within the frame,
a boomerang curve corrals the sea.
Screen-shine on the water
wettens the ripples,
smooths the lower pasture fields.

Unfamiliar, yet long-known.
This air, this sea, this light,
these Dorset hills that blanket me
to sleep at night.
I am bone worn to shape,
hurtling through the years
and falling here back at
Golden Cap.

Dorset will undoubtedly be featuring more and more in my posts. We are loving exploring the walks and countryside in this beautiful county. My family often holidayed here for one precious week a year when I was a child. Gritty sandwiches and bracing sea were the order of the day, and, of course, chipping out little ammonite fossils from the rocks. I’m linking this to dVerse Open Link Night (https://dversepoets.com/2021/09/16/open-link-night-300-september-live/)


16 thoughts on “Queen of the Castle

  1. What an idyllic feel to the place you describe and when I see that photo, even more convinced. Have you moved to the area, Marion? Really enjoyed this:
    “these Dorset hills that blanket me
    to sleep at night.”

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  2. A lovely sense of place in this, as well as the echo of the lost magic of childhood, somehow retained in the purring wind and author’s understanding of her final shape. Being in touch with that very real world puts our artificialities in perspective, I think.

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