There is a list upon my fridge …

people walking on hallway inside building
Photo by Mick Haupt at Unsplash

There is a list upon my fridge, abbreviated notes and cues:
to add some brie, loo rolls too, a bag of spuds, but no more chopped tomatoes please.
And when the larder’s looking bare, stocks are low, and I’m wondering where the basics went,
I lift the magnet from the door and read the scrap of hurried swirls and tell myself,
these words are yours, its just today you’ve used them in a different way.

Shelves may look empty
But behind the stale biscuits
Is a fresh gateaux.

Linking this to d’Verse Poets Pub where Frank has charged us to write a Haibun about writer’s block. This isn’t strictly speaking a haibun as I’ve not used prose for the first section. It’s just the way it came out as I was writing.


25 thoughts on “There is a list upon my fridge …

  1. Ah yes we may just be thinking too must at the level of first glance, when there are the fresh new ideas in our mind waiting to be pulled forward. Luv it .
    You nailed the prompt

    Happy you dropped by my blog


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