I blame the cat.

All was calm and all was clean,
Jack’s trilby brushed, his shoes a-gleam.
Cheese and pickle wrapped to go,
all set to leave for the metro.

His family smiled, encouraging,
crossing fingers, everything.
The family cat seemed wishful too,
jumping up with furry mew.

But sadly, no, the cat’s intent
was the goldfish bowl’s contents,
and with a swoosh poor goldie poured
flapping onto the hall floor.

The trilby fell into the mess,
Jack’s shoes and socks were fully wet.
His suit was spattered with fish flakes,
his lunch got trodden in the wake.

His family gasped – calamity!
Jack’s longed-for job was not to be.
But wait, Jack spied an answer near,
he’d make his first day, never fear.

Some overalls hung on the wall,
snow boots stood by the front door.
Quickly changed, and off Jack sped,
a goldfish bowl upon his head.

Carrie’s photo prompt this weekend at the Sunday Muse blogspot is another quirky one. Had great fun with this. See the link at :http://thesundaymuse.blogspot.com/


21 thoughts on “I blame the cat.

  1. Feeling a bit silly today?? A clever post you wrote, I love the stories folk come up with.
    I could help with some advice but I think sympathy would be better for this writer.

    Liked by 1 person

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