Photo by Thomas Stephan, Unsplash.

I hear whispers.
Mischief tells a dark tale.
It weaves cruel lies,
catching in the minds
of no better folk,
as potent as a curse to raise the dead,
which cannot be unsaid and never dies.

I hear whispers
as smoke coils in shadows.
No flame to lick me,
just the smart of tongues.
I feared this night would come as doors slam shut.
The wickedness of rumour spits and cries.

Lisa is on duty at the d’Verse Poets Pub and has set a spookily tricky challenge to write a duodora about an aspect of human behaviour irritating to us, and with a Halloween theme. https://dversepoets.com/2021/10/26/dverse-poetics-halloweeny-humans. Here is my attempt!


26 thoughts on “Whispers

  1. Ooh, I love what you came up with here, Marion. Favorite lines:
    “I hear whispers
    as smoke coils in shadows.
    No flame to lick me,
    just the smart of tongues.”
    Ken wrote about those digging for skeletons in others’ closets and Ingrid and you are kindred spirits and despising gossipers. It’s a ghoulish practice that causes so much woe.
    Love that you did it in duodora form. Candy corn bonus met!

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  2. An eloquent use of the form to spell out the destructive force of rumors. Love that last line especially, Marion, that captures in one rock-solid line all that comes before it.

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