Can You?

Can you smell that?
Earth’s firedamp lingering.
We need more than flames,
more than metal sieves,
to ward off danger.
Old Humphry swung his lamp in mindless times,
when men were cheap and seams were rich with black.

Can you hear that?
Diminished songs of life.
Yellow feathers float
silent as unsung
nursery rhymes,
and coils of ropes no longer skipped or jumped.
The playground’s empty, save for slurried stacks.

Can you see that?
Where black stones mark the spot?
seems a pointless thing
when we close our eyes.
But when the flame expires and all is dark,
What then, my world, will ever bring you back?

Linking this to The Sunday Blog Spot and today’s Sunday Muse photo prompt. ( Tried an extension of a duodora and went for three verses.


32 thoughts on “Can You?

  1. The old world seems gone for good, but we carry it in our DNA, in our collective memories, like seams of coal, a dirty fuel, but one that burns hot. I like the flow of this–a rhythm the duodora works to enhance, and three stanzas seems to balance well. I especially like the third stanza, with it’s yearning for light and memory’s comfort. Or so I read, anyway.A Happy All Hallow’s Eve, Marion.

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    1. Thank you Joy. Yes, the duodora form gives a flow and rhythm to words. I think I will try some more. Happy All Hallows Eve to you also. 😊


  2. Marion,
    The duodora form just melds to your word-smithing, something so wondrously profound expressed so cleanly and brightly, simply astonishes. Can you tell I loved this yet?!! And I echo your sentiments. May we not lose what can never be regained, especially hope.

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  3. I found this sad as we have lost so much the last year and a half. I don’t think we can ever go back we just need to find a spark of light to move forward in some sort of unity. (there is always hope)

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  4. Oh, lovely and poignant. The lines, “Illumination/ seems a pointless thing/ when we close our eyes,” really struck me. We have already killed the canary in the coal mine, haven’t we? Brilliant write!

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