It’s about time!

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I washed my hat.
As the muggy fumes of soggy wool drifted up from the bathroom sink, I wondered,
Had it ever been washed before?
It didn’t resist – as I plunged it again and again into the greying eddy.
It became a slimy rag. It surrendered to the soap and warm water and gave up its claim to being a hat.
Perhaps I have ruined it?
Perhaps I should have left it?
I treated it to a blue rinse of fabric conditioner.
It is an old hat. It’s the least I can do.
It has kept my head warm for many years.
It is me. I am identifiable by it.
Its black and white stripes are often seen around our local streets.
It drips onto the shower bowl, hanging from the hose, like a massive striped tongue, drooling saliva.
Hangdog. Waiting. Waiting to dry.

Tonight Mish is inviting us to write about hats – metaphorical or physical, or any other form thereof. Read some fascinating hat facts and responses from the d’Verse poets at this link: I wrote this a wee while ago.


25 thoughts on “It’s about time!

  1. It’s always a dicey matter, washing a favorite hat. I always fret whether it was a good idea or not. Usually, said hat emerges clean and ready to be worn again. Still, i’ll fret again the next time. I enjoyed the personification at the end!

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  2. This slice-of-life moment with your hat (hopefully it isn’t woolen) has a ring of authenticity. I also see lingerie hanging above the tub. Which will dry first?

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  3. This is exquisitely drawn! Yes, it’s always risky washing our favorite hat or piece of clothing. The use of personification here is lovely! 💝💝

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