Gawking in the Catacombs.

Photo by Liam McGarry, Unsplash.

Aisle, after aisle,
row upon row of stacked shelves.
Artistic crosses,
and the barest of limbs.

No Yorick here.
No soliloquy opportunity.
We knew them not,
either in jest or fancy.

Why did we come?
Did it scare you son to walk
among the long gone,
the hollowed heads?

Just a lark,
to traipse along the labyrinth,
impress our friends
and pass six million souls.

Peut-être, one could say,
tourism makes voyeurs
of us all,
n’est-ce pas?

Written for the Weekend Writing Prompt, which this week is to use the word ‘Catacomb’, using exactly 77 words, either in prose or a poem. See the link at:

8 thoughts on “Gawking in the Catacombs.

  1. Thank you Bill. Cemeteries hold such peace, I imagine the ones in New Orleans are very interesting too, but for me catacombs are plain creepy.


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