Photo by Rikku Sama, Unsplash

The air is ready to burst –
a puffed zeppelin,
its seams stretched to split,
with songs of ‘hear me’, ‘first me’.

Beaks of chirp and flute,
cut into spring,
like scissor tips
snipping through silk habotai.

Pastel notes float down –
flakes of paper confetti.

I am linking this to d’Verse where WhimzyGizmo (aka De jackson) is on Quadrille duty, with the word ‘paper’. For more details visit the d’Verse site at: https://dversepoets.com/2022/03/21/quadrille-148-papered-poems/.

NB: Silk habotai is also known as parachute silk.

23 thoughts on “Floating.

  1. Simply beautiful. Love learning “habotai,” a new-to-me word. I remember playing with a large parachute in P.E. class, growing up…and I can remember the feel of that silk.

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