Bluesy Fox

Photo by Erik Mclean, Unsplash

Ain’t got nowhere to rest my head.
Ain’t got nowhere to pause for bed.
What’s gonna happen? What’s ahead?

Jus’ chewing my tail on your lawn.
Chancing a quick vulpine yawn,
‘fore moving on, dusk to dawn.

Hear my screams, in dead of night.
Hear my screams, my howling fright.
I’m roamin’ now in broad daylight.

See, my den is dug and gone.
See, my pad’s no place for song.
Covered with tarmac – it’s all wrong.

Them green fields they’re getting small.
Them green trees no longer tall.
Where’s nature gonna live, is all…?

Linking to Muri’s Poetry Scavenger Hunt, ( Prompt No 6, to write a Blues Stanza. Another form I have not tried before. This was written after watching a large, greying fox in my neighbour’s garden, lying on the lawn in the middle of the afternoon. With more development in this area, and the removal of vegetation in gardens, (what is the obsession with removing hedges and trees in gardens – and don’t get me started on artificial grass!) the natural habitat of wildlife is constantly under threat.


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