Turn at twenty degrees – so precise.
Like scrawny jointed chicken legs
being barbecued. Now the
other side. Making sure
I’m done all over.
Not a pretty
picture. Just
an X-

Linking this to Muri’s Poetry Scavenger Hunt Prompt No 10. (https://murisopsis.wordpress.com/2022/03/30/looking-forward-to-poetry-month/comment-page-5/) Write a Nonet or a poem to include the words joint and bent. So I have opted for a personally topical Nonet, having just had an x-ray today, where I was indeed required to turn at twenty degrees (and I included one of the selected words too).


6 thoughts on “Well-Cooked

  1. A great use of the prompt times 2. Inspiration comes from many directions but Stephanie now I’m worried – the photo compilation of radiographs shows all kinds of broken bones! I hope all is well!!

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