The terns stood patiently – commuters waiting for the 7.47 to pull in.
Screeching overhead from the gulls – brakes on the line.
Floundering piles, flapping, squirming – packed in like sardines.
Sorted, crated, throw the minnows back – ready to be gutted.

I am linking this to Carrie’s prompt for this week at The Sunday Muse Blogspot ( I began writing a Pantoum, which was disastrous, and after far too long I abandoned it. And this is what came out of my head …


21 thoughts on “Caught.

  1. I like, Lily — It reminds me of when my NASA boss (Houston Control Center) would come back with his shrimp net full of fish. Neither he nor his wife at crab meat so I was on his list for donations of crab that were caught in his net along with the shrimp. I have lost track of him, he was transferred to Colorado, NORAD for working. I like the way you used this picture as a sending board, I was thinking of using it also (in a way, in mine I use “untied”).

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