Perfect Conditions.

Image from Pixabay

Will withstand average storms, provided they are not constant.
Some moderate upsets may improve root strength.
Force 10 arguments, or similar, may result in stunted growth.
Overall, prefers calm, temperate climate.

Rich compost of thoughts, peeled and cored over a length of time.
Regular rummaging to discourage a morass settling.
Sprinkle with grains of inspiration when needed.

More robust varieties cope with any orientation.
A south-westerly aspect is preferred by most, where a scattering of red light waves generally enhances overall flavour. Some early-risers may respond better to an easterly aspect.

General Maintenance:
Requires regular support, especially when showing signs of weakness.
Avoid drying out – if not addressed this may result in reduced productivity.
Equally, overwatering can be detrimental to effective growth.
Check for bugs (esp. the Doubt Beetle) – some infestations can prove fatal.

If treated well, will reward the owner with many years of enjoyment.

The theme for my poetry group this month is ‘The Mind’, which has led me to penning this. Not sure I will use it, but it amused me to write it …


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