And so …

Image courtesy of Pixabay

And so I hide.
Hide in my little room
Room where I pretend
Pretend to be another.

Who did I wake as today?
Today I’d like to be a poet
Poety thoughts flap and try to fly
Flying is not easy.

I would like to soar
Soar above this terrulean weight
Wait, I tell myself, for inspiration
Inspiration has deaf ears.

My magic carpet will not rise
Rise off the pages of ink
Ink wasted in unfinished lines, and ….
And so I hide.

I sat down, all enthusiastic, to write a response to David’s W3 Prompt #4 challenge, this week set by Kerfe Roig. ( But it was one of those mornings when it felt like pulling teeth. So…. This is a Loop poem. (


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