You saw a broken umbrella.
I saw a satellite dish.
You saw a red head.
I saw ochre seaweed.
You saw a flimsy skirt.
I saw a black jelly fish.
You said, not sand, then, but crème brûlée?
Which I thought was sweet.

Linking this to The Sunday Muse Blogspot (http://thesundaymuse.blogspot.com/) where Carrie has supplied us with another selection of absorbing images.


15 thoughts on “Sweet.

  1. Awww, you know, Marian, I hadn’t even seen the seaweed until you mentioned. If she is barefoot it will hurt her feet.
    Liked your ending in agreement, I too like crème brûlée.
    I am sorry if my write hurt your feelings. I purposely wrote of very, very, unpleasantness. Without saying the words. Gothic?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Jim, its interesting what sparks in our head from images isn’t it?

      And no, don’t worry, you most certainly did not hurt my feelings. It was just that it was a very dark write.


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