Aestas wakes

Peder Severin Krøyer, Summer Evening at Skagen
Breath quivers the shadowed leaves.
Beyond the pale pink dog rose
Aestas wriggles, frees,
corset loosens,
tight bun becomes long tresses,
toes bared to touch the dews.
Hear her whisper,
drop the heavy felt of winter
fold it for my sister.
Catch the spectrums, clink,
toast and taste heat on your lips.
Feel the summer drip onto your skin.

Linking this to d’Verse poets where Merril is hosting with a summer offering of images to get us in the mood for summer, inviting us to write an ekphrastic poem. The weather here today is appalling (again) and the sky is throwing bath tubs of rain on us. Jumpers and jeans are still being worn, even though its June. It has been therapeutic to imagine a warm, balmy summer’s day …

(Aestas is the Roman personification of summer).

15 thoughts on “Aestas wakes

  1. Lovely the way you described summer coming with the loosening of clothing, hair, inhibitions. . .😏
    “Feel the summer drip onto your skin.”

    It was so humid early this morning–I think summer was dripping. I hope your bathtubs once emptied, take a while to refill, and you get some beautiful summer weather.

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