I’m going back to bed.

image from :unsplash,felipepelaquim

Cardboard scabs, a sea of silk,
Or some such imagery of that ilk.
The box implies a fruity touch
Transforms it from this tasteless mulch.
A muffled hammer in my head
Reminds me of a fitful bed.
The mirror says, ‘go get some rest,’
‘cos I’m not looking picturesque.

Linking this to Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompts. This week’s word is ‘picturesque’, to be used in poetry or prose of exactly 54 words (mine includes the title). (https://sammiscribbles.wordpress.com/2022/06/18/weekend-writing-prompt-264-picturesque/). Struggled to find time to write this week, and this silly rhyme pretty much summed up how I felt when I first got out of bed!


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