Image courtesy of Pixabay

Inertia weighs thick around me as I stare through the window.
Pink papery faces, saucers of white, buttery clumps,
nod at my stasis.

I think of a monotony of blue resting on white foam infinity,
untouchable for a few airborne hours,

and recall the rushing smears and smudges of
greens, browns, yellows,
seen through train smutted glass.

I try to explore a thread between colour and movement,
but it snags and knots and will not be unravelled.

I am linking this to David’s W3 Prompt on The Skeptic’s Kaddish ( Sarah David is this week’s poet, and her poem ‘Work in Progress’ can be found on the link above. Sarah has asked for responses of 12 lines or less, which include a contrast of images or ideas.


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