Imagined Space.

“Cubista.” Shared with permission of the artist,

Breathe deep,
Lower your shoulders,
Relax your brow.
Allow the jumble
To slowly move,
And untangle
Iceberg prisms,
Leaning beach huts,
Soaring biplanes.
And begin your story.

Linking this to K. Hartless’s Petite Pen invitation to write in response to this artwork by David Gista, using 30 words or less. ( The backdrop reminded me of the 3d illusion images, or magic eyes, that were popular a few years ago (perhaps they still are).


5 thoughts on “Imagined Space.

  1. What vivacious imagery, Marion. I love the cascade at the end and how the story is all there just ready to spill forth. Thank you so much for penning this with me. I like it, even more than my own, really.

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