The Once Was.

Abandonment reeks with story.
Seeping through the rips and rust,
the shattered glass and cracks,
more defined than mere craquelure,
the what once was remains.

Do we mind it?
Take time to read it, hear it?
We should.
All tales are worth an ear.

Linking this to Carrie’s Sunday Muse Blogspot. Carrie has provided some wonderfully evocative images of abandonment for this week’s inspiration. Go to to see more images, and read all the creative responses.


13 thoughts on “The Once Was.

  1. Oh my gosh we were on the same thought wave. I referred to the once was in my very first line. And yes the story of the life that live in a house, created a home so deserves an ear.

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  2. There are so many stories, so much history, in old houses. It would be fascinating to be able to follow the trail back through the years – a ton of material for writing!

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