Get the Picture?

Image courtesy of, Suzy Hazelwood.

A silver tongue tarnished.
Promises scuffed where a clumsy hand
Has wiped over half-truths.
At times, perhaps, a case of over exposure.
Popularity short-lived,
Usurped by a public that preferred transparency,
And a less polished performance.
Less elaborate. Less acid.
Less of a daguerreotype.

Linking this to d’Verse Poets where De Jackson is hosting tonight’s Quadrille Monday and asking us to pen a poem of exactly 44 words to include the word ‘type’ or version thereof. (


27 thoughts on “Get the Picture?

  1. Let’s say it is hard to stereotype a daguerreotype. They are a person of their own and don’t adapt well. Kind of like me and I don’t mind.
    There is a saying about inventors but I can’t remember what it is.

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  2. I decided not to look the word up, and remain in awe of it. Your poem is so clever, and rife with levity. I don’t recognize the individual, but that adds to the fun.

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