Railway Roasting (courtesy of South Western Railways).

One more hour and we shall be
nicely toasted where we sit.
Like the citizens of Pompeii
caught in a furnace.

I have become liquid,
puddle, sweaty slurry,
and wonder,
when I am poured out
onto the sizzling tarmac
of the station platform,
will I reform back to solid,
or simply evaporate?

On of the hottest days so far and we just have four windows per carriage open. Aircon turned off. Come on South Western Railways. Seriously?


6 thoughts on “Railway Roasting (courtesy of South Western Railways).

  1. Oh, I wish I hadn’t read this , as I have a long train journey on Sunday, one day after a strike. I wasn’t happy even before this … Did you really have to make it so devastatingly graphic 😉 ?

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