I Just Wondered …

Photo Credit: Steven S. Wallace

Ignoring obvious metaphor,
A towering one no doubt,
I wondered ‘bout the reaper
The tree saw in the drought.

Was he like a bony man
Who had a bony grin?
Or was he made of leafless wood
And had a twiggy chin?

And that poor splattered jackdaw
P’raps fallen from that tree,
Had he met his grim version,
Less man, but more birdy?

And what about the roses,
Their sprays a browning clump,
Was their demise first signalled
By a thorny figured stump?

And do they all hold sickles,
And do they all wear hoods?
But, mostly, do they like their job,
Or feel misunderstood?

Linking this to the w3 challenge on the Skeptic’s Kaddish, where this week Steven S. Wallace invites us to write an ekphrastic poem in response to this photo.:(https://skepticskaddish.com/2022/08/31/w3-prompt-18-weave-written-weekly/).


12 thoughts on “I Just Wondered …

  1. Thank you Larry. All kinds of ideas played in my head with this photo – including why wouldn’t all living things have their own version of the grim reaper … And what a difficult gig that must be. 😏


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