Is this a pout I see before me?

She only came third
Even though she had heard
Her ideas were one in a million.
So what was the deal,
No reward for her zeal –
Her head-dress was pure vaudevillian.

Its an asp, not a hen,
She complained to the men,
Who had said they were looking for class.
But I’m queen of the nile,
Egyptian desire,
I should have come first, damn and blast.

Perhaps if you’d tried
An attempt at a smile
You would have been in with a shot.
But wearing a pout
Ain’t what it’s about
And impresses us diddly squat.

Linking this silly nonsense to The Sunday Blogspot. (See link above). Thank you Carrie for another deck of great images.

16 thoughts on “Is this a pout I see before me?

  1. Marion,
    I am roaring with laughter! “Attitude” ain’t what it’s about in Hollywood. You show us how it’s done with your command of meter and rhyme which adds even more to the humor.

    Liked by 1 person

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