Trinity of suns.
Morning, afternoon and eve.
Each cast their light
Fanning their own shades of brightness
Spanning our hours, our fathers' hours,
Our children's hours.
There is comfort here, now, in the solid stone,
The unadorned simplicity.
And , if we pause a while,
We realise that
Time is our only constant.

Linking to Sunday Muse Blogspot. Thank you Carrie - your images continue to inspire.  http://thesundaymuse.blogspot.com/


19 thoughts on “Temporal

  1. Transporting, these “trinity of suns” that take us through time, past/present/future: the persona seems to challenge us to wonder why we fear time instead of finding comfort in its promise of continuity. Love that opening phrase with its allusion: genius.
    ~ Dora

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