Avian Accessories – Part 1


For dipping and scribing,
For trimming a hat,
For tickling up the toes,
For sparing a blush in Danse Sauvage –
The feather’s what we chose.

This weekend’s prompt from Sammi is a brief little number (29 words) to include the word ‘Avian’.(https://sammiscribbles.wordpress.com/2022/09/03/weekend-writing-prompt-275-avian/). My 29 words include the title btw.


Lady Libretto

Surreal Photo, manipulations by Justin Peters

She sings her tale as lyrically as any opera.
From the mountains, where breath is ice and air is thin,
she skips an elaborate path,
a trilling coloratura over rocks as worn as time.
Distracted on her way by willowed inlets
and the bel canto of romantic wallows
where love is lost and found
and lost again.
Until the grand finale –
that final leap into clouded oblivion –
as her aria lifts higher than a falcon
before she succumbs,
her fate written,
falling to a clash of cymbals
and the crash of rapturous applause.

Linking this to The Sunday Muse Blog spot (http://thesundaymuse.blogspot.com/) where Carrie supplied this fabulous image and Sammi’s Weekend Word Prompts (https://sammiscribbles.wordpress.com/2022/08/27/weekend-writing-prompt-274-opera/) where we are invited to write 95 words exactly and include the word ‘opera’.

(NB: A Falcon soprano has a deeper register than a Coloratura soprano).

Big Head

Dessicated, rather than dazzled. We are almost
Anaesthetised by the unrelenting sun,
Zigzagging through the blinds, with the
Zeal of a missile, its burn
Licking the air and hissing in our heads.
Indifferent to our moans and pleads,
No doubt,’ it boasts, ’if I left you would soon
Grizzle until my enigmatic return.’

Linking this to Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt: The word this week is ‘Dazzling’ – and the word count is 53 words.(https://sammiscribbles.wordpress.com/2022/08/13/weekend-writing-prompt-272-dazzling/).

Spot the Difference.


There was a variation there, so slight you might have missed it. Tom had a fleck of brown in otherwise blue eyes. His twin’s eyes were pure blue. No fleck you see. It was Tom who was unreliable and, not wanting to sound too harsh, pretty useless. You wouldn’t trust him with your life’s savings that’s for sure. He was totally feckless. Whereas his twin was fleckless.

Silly piece of prose linked to Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt, which this week challenges us to write a piece of prose or poetry using the word ‘variation’ and using exactly 67 words.

Have I Just?

Image courtesy of Pixabay

The flannel’s wet,
So that’s OK,
But what about the spray?
Did I just squirt deodorant,
Make fragrant for the day?

Have I just dabbed face cream on,
My wrinkles held at bay?
And did I put the glass jar back?
It’s difficult to say.

I’m pretty sure I’ve had a wee.
Yes, now I’m off to play.
But wait, I’ve left the iron on,
No, that was yesterday.

Whatever your vernacular,
What words you choose to say,
There’s no escape, I’ve lost the plot,
It upped and ran away.

Linking this to Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt, which this week asks us to write prose or poetry of exactly 90 words using ‘vernacular’. (https://sammiscribbles.wordpress.com/2022/06/11/weekend-writing-prompt-263-vernacular/). This seems to pretty much reflect me these days ….