Trinity of suns.
Morning, afternoon and eve.
Each cast their light
Fanning their own shades of brightness
Spanning our hours, our fathers' hours,
Our children's hours.
There is comfort here, now, in the solid stone,
The unadorned simplicity.
And , if we pause a while,
We realise that
Time is our only constant.

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Is this a pout I see before me?

She only came third
Even though she had heard
Her ideas were one in a million.
So what was the deal,
No reward for her zeal –
Her head-dress was pure vaudevillian.

Its an asp, not a hen,
She complained to the men,
Who had said they were looking for class.
But I’m queen of the nile,
Egyptian desire,
I should have come first, damn and blast.

Perhaps if you’d tried
An attempt at a smile
You would have been in with a shot.
But wearing a pout
Ain’t what it’s about
And impresses us diddly squat.


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Lady Libretto

Surreal Photo, manipulations by Justin Peters

She sings her tale as lyrically as any opera.
From the mountains, where breath is ice and air is thin,
she skips an elaborate path,
a trilling coloratura over rocks as worn as time.
Distracted on her way by willowed inlets
and the bel canto of romantic wallows
where love is lost and found
and lost again.
Until the grand finale –
that final leap into clouded oblivion –
as her aria lifts higher than a falcon
before she succumbs,
her fate written,
falling to a clash of cymbals
and the crash of rapturous applause.

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(NB: A Falcon soprano has a deeper register than a Coloratura soprano).

Thermal Imaging

Above, an infinity of blue –
deep and still and featureless.
a distant tchacking heralds a tide of jackdaws,
spiralling in a whirlpool of flight,
a helix of black morse code,
dots and dashes revealing
the invisible,
like dust brushed onto fingerprints,
nature’s imagers.

Linking this to The Sunday Muse Blogspot, where Carrie is focussing on all things feathered this week. http://thesundaymuse.blogspot.com/. After seeing the prompt, I sat outside in the shade with my coffee and saw a swathe of hundreds of jackdaws overhead. They caught a thermal and twirled higher and higher. It was wonderful to watch.


Khatia Buniatishvili at Piano

The piano rolled the sun behind the hills,
Coaxed the stars out,
Pulled the moon above my head
And wrapped me in the night.

It knew my soul and sang,
Sang of its hopes and pains,
As I soared into the glinting sky
And reached some kind of heaven.

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The Once Was.

Abandonment reeks with story.
Seeping through the rips and rust,
the shattered glass and cracks,
more defined than mere craquelure,
the what once was remains.

Do we mind it?
Take time to read it, hear it?
We should.
All tales are worth an ear.

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I Speaka The Italian

I say ‘dine al fresco’,
but you say ‘fuori’.
I order a latte,
but taste milk on my lips.
I ask ‘coulda my pizza
hava mora pepperoni’,
you spread my hot meat feast
with sweet pepper strips.

You talk about shooting,
so I think you’re sporty,
and talk about golf,
or the little I know.
Then you get out your camera,
a Nikon a-forty,
and ask me to take off my sweater,
real slow.

It turns out that waving
my hands while I’m speaking,
or shouting,
or adding an a to each word,
won’t work on a date
when it’s romance I’m seeking,
its ridiculosa
and simply absurd.

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NB: Il golf in Italian means jumper or sweater, lo shooting means photoshoot.

Dip That Arrow

“Three Young Farmers” of August Sander, 1914

The Almanac Brothers
Looking for love:

If you have experience in

  • Neck wringing
  • Hooch production
  • Sunday starching
  • Men of few words
    Then one of these lads could be for you.
    Apply in the usual manner (one apple pie per applicant – traditional or upside-down, dollop of cream on the side).

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Worthless Words

Lustred jewels and promises draw our eye,
Halt us in our tracks. Spellstopt by words
we foolishly took for wisdom.
They’re no more than paste baubles.
A cheap trick. Yank on the
fraying string and watch
them skittering
down the path
one by

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